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What do you think of "The Search for Giovanni" and/or "A World Made New"?

"Giovanni"--Modestina, the mother,is a very powerful woman.I like that, but why is her son so weak? He seems like a lot of Italian men I've known, fixated on his mother and looking to his father to find his way in the world.--Mary Ellen, Doylestown


I think both the sample chapters of Only Sons are very moving, especially as they consider Italian-American immigrant history--its beginnings in illegal entry and its endings in successful, yet troubled assimilation. I'm anxious to see them brought together--to see how they turn out. I assume you're working on that now. And no Godfather or Sopranos stuff! --Mark, NYC


My last comment was about "Giovanni." Now that I've read "A World Made New" I'm curious about the relations between the people in the two chapters. Are they related? Do the chapters occur in sequence?--Steve, Pennsylvania


This is very poignant, yet puzzling at the same time. Do we learn more about Sonny and his father as the novel moves on?

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Dear Mr. Misurella,


My name is Ralf M.M. Stultiens (40). I live in the village of Nuenen c.a., famous in the world because Vincent van Gogh lived and worked here for several years.


In daily life I'm a councillor and freelance journalist.


As I live in the same street (Berg) where Vincent stayed for a long time with his parents (and where at the moment the Van Gogh museum Vincentre is situated), I'm building a Vincent van Gogh library, containing books and dvds on and about Van Gogh from all over the world.


At the moment - thanks to authors, publishing houses, museums et cetera - already over 900 books from all over the world are on the shelves of the library project.


I hope you will be able to send me a (if possible signed) copy of A SUMMER OF GOOD-BYES.


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Ralf M.M. Stultiens
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The Netherlands




It's growing. I like to see the reactions of your readers.--Steve


I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho