Fred Misurella

Rome, night coming on.

Rome: night coming on.

Only Sons (a novel)

A compressed saga that begins with an Italian-American wedding in the 1960s and moves into the new millennium through the story of two families, the Salvaggis and Maresciallos, living near each other in northeastern Pennsylvania. It is a story that includes the immigration of Carmine, the founder of the Maresciallos, his son Anthony's creation of a national corporation, the two families' struggles during the 1930s, Sonny Salvaggi's Quixotic love for Margo, a woman less than half his age, and a snow storm and explosion that levels a mountin and a quarry, the source of the two families' success.

"Relationships and connections dominate the story, and rich back stories of family secrets, tensions and obsessions motivate each character, giving rise to plenty of drama. ... Thoughtful and readable; sure to please fans of family sagas."
--Kirkus Reviews

"This novel is a little world. I just enjoyed the hell out of reading it. ...a masterpiece."
--George Guida, The Pope Stories, editor of 2 Bridges Review, President of the Italian American Studies Association

A complex, thoughtful novel about love, beauty, and sexual longing in the south of France.
She's white; he's black. But their conflicts are more than racial.
The Red and the Black of Italian-Americana, these stories disect the essence of contemporary living. (With a link to one of the stories.)
Uncannily accurate about Vietnam, its soldiers, and their tragic return home.
The story of three generations of Italian-American men and their women--mothers, wives, lovers.
A sample chapter from Only Sons (Link to the text).
Literary Criticism
Detailed analysis and interpretation of Milan Kundera's works from The Joke through Immortality.
The lead essay in The Legacy of Primo Levi, edited by Stanislao G. Pugliese, published by Palgrave/Macmillan