Fred Misurella

"A Clear Eye on Life: Renaissance Style in Primo Levi's Writing"

This lucid essay ties Levi to Dante, Boccacccio, and Galileo by analyzing his fearless memoir of awful human experience (the Nazi concentration camp) to provide hope and spirit in the face of 20th century history's most obvious manifestation of human evil.

A complex, thoughtful novel about love, beauty, and sexual longing in the south of France.
She's white; he's black. But their conflicts are more than racial.
The Red and the Black of Italian-Americana, these stories disect the essence of contemporary living. (With a link to one of the stories.)
Uncannily accurate about Vietnam, its soldiers, and their tragic return home.
The story of three generations of Italian-American men and their women--mothers, wives, lovers.
A sample chapter from Only Sons (Link to the text).
Literary Criticism
Detailed analysis and interpretation of Milan Kundera's works from The Joke through Immortality.
The lead essay in The Legacy of Primo Levi, edited by Stanislao G. Pugliese, published by Palgrave/Macmillan