Fred Misurella


Watch for a new novel, ARRANGEMENT IN BLACK AND WHITE , to appear in May, 2014!

A writer, Fulbright Scholar, lover of newspapers, books, movies and most things French or Italian (especially novels and opera), Fred Misurella has published fiction and non-fiction in many journals, including The New York Times, The Village Voice, The Christian Science Monitor, The Partisan Review, Salmagundi, VIA, Altre Italie, and L'Atelier du Roman. He was educated at the University of Iowa, has lived in New York and Paris, and presently resides in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania with his wife, Kim, and son, Alex. He teaches creative writing, journalism, and Italian-American Literature at East Stroudsburg University and makes pilgrimages to Provence, Liguria, and Tuscany almost every summer with his family. Arrangement in Black and White, his latest novel, is posted below.

A preview image of Arrangement in Black and White

Margy Hamilton's from Iowa, an artist, the product of an abusive mother and a neglectful father. Everet's from Connecticut, a civil rights lawyer on the rise toward greater recognition, and their lives take a tense turn when he decides to run for political office just as Margy moves forward in her own career. ARRANGEMENT IN BLACK AND WHITE captures the conflicts that give edge and interest to most meaningful love stories, yet with an eye toward issues like women's independence, interracial politics, and the human inability to balance romance with social, public life. It is a powerful story of the 70s, for contemporary readers.

The story of three generations of Italian-American men and their women--mothers, wives, lovers.
A sample chapter from Only Sons (Link to the text).
Published in Paterson Literary Review #36 (January 2008) (Link to text.)
The Red and the Black of Italian-Americana, these stories disect the essence of contemporary living. (With a link to one of the stories.)
Uncannily accurate about Vietnam, its soldiers, and their tragic return home.
Literary Criticism
Detailed analysis and interpretation of Milan Kundera's works from The Joke through Immortality.
The lead essay in The Legacy of Primo Levi, edited by Stanislao G. Pugliese, published by Palgrave/Macmillan